9 Best Bitcoin & Crypto Wallets in 2022


Are you looking for the best bitcoin cryptocurrency wallets?

The world of cryptocurrencies is not new to the modernized world. It has been around since decades ago, back in 2009, when its first-ever decentralized cryptocurrency was born- Bitcoin.

It all began with a paper published by Satoshi Nakamoto that discussed a peer-to-peer digital cash system that previously had no central authority or middleman involved.

The very revolution that cryptocurrency brought into modern society was a way of life that is both digital and physical, as people could now easily transact online and offline with just a single coin, without having to deal with many restrictions.

Cryptocurrency has played a pivotal role in the socioeconomic status of many people, especially those who find their lifestyle to be more digital than physical. Such is the case for gamers who play computer games all day and involve themselves with cryptocurrencies.

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    What is a Crypto Wallet?

    Crypto Wallet is an app/software that allow their users to store, send and receive cryptocurrencies securely without any third party interference.

    Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that generate multiple outcomes of encryption techniques for security, convenience ,accessibility and compatibility  etc. while conducting transactions.

    Crypto wallets also provide applications to the users which allows them to take advantage of its security for other types of applications like E-commerce etc . This also includes frequent money transfers or other financial operations involved ,all could be entertained through using crypto wallets . 

    As for the future, cryptocurrency wallets will most likely incorporate other forms of financial instruments such as ICO tokens or even securities.

    Wallet providers might also decide to offer additional services through their platform such as providing advice on investing in cryptocurrencies , Ecommerce , Real Estate and similar assets. This would certainly be an added value for users.

    The Top 9 Best Bitcoin & Crypto Wallets in 2022

    1. Coinbase

    Best Wallet for Beginners

    You might think that the best way to store your cryptocurrency is through an online exchange for a beginner. After all, it seems convenient since you only have to create one account, and then you can buy and sell any crypto coin. 

    However, there are many disadvantages involved with storing crypto coins in exchanges. The following will describe why investing in Coinbase wallet is the best way for beginners to start with cryptocurrencies.

    Focus on buying or selling rather than exchange.

    Coinbase users can easily buy and sell crypto coins. However, it will be a bit more difficult to navigate through all of your options when you use an exchange. This is because exchanges have a lot going on at once. 

    For example, you might want to quickly buy something before going out, but you don’t want to sell. 

    Tracking your Activities. 

    If you use Coinbase, there is a specific tab where all your buying and selling is displayed. So it’s much easier for beginners because they won’t have to go through many different options within a Digital wallet. Also, they could track their operational activities conveniently. 

    Secured and Refundable.

    Coinbase is 100% insured, and even if an intruder successfully breached their security, 100% of the customers’ digital currency will be refunded. Such a feature is highly regarded for beginners, But make sure to get proper counseling before any action.

    You won’t have to go through a complicated verification process.

     If you decide to use a wallet other than Coinbase, you’ll probably have to submit scans of your documents and even selfies. Most people won’t be comfortable with doing these extra steps at a beginner’s stage. 

    On the other hand, Coinbase only requires your name and email, so signing up is easy.

    You can buy bitcoin by using a credit card or debit card.

    It takes several business days to verify your personal information for some exchanges before you’re allowed to trade. But with the Best Coinbase wallet, you have the leniency to trade instantly with your credit card. 

    Know where and how much to invest. 

    For a beginner, you can buy and sell as much as you want and still not impact the market price. Whether you invest $100 or $1000 into cryptocurrencies, it won’t make any difference since everyone trades in such small units that it’s almost like nothing has changed.

    Getting Notified for the future actions.

    Coinbase will send you a notification when you buy or sell any cryptocurrency. If the price goes up, you’ll get an email from Coinbase. This is extremely helpful for anyone that doesn’t want to constantly check on their balance or prices.

    2. Electrum

    Best Bitcoin Wallet

    Electrum is one of the most popular wallets of Bitcoin, used by hundreds of thousands of bitcoin users. It was created in November 2011 by Thomas Voegtlin, who still leads its development today. While it’s a Bitcoin Wallet, It only stores the information relevant to Bitcoin and does not entertain any other cryptocurrency.

    Electrum doesn’t download or check blockchain information to sync – instead, it uses a remote server that sends blocks and transaction information as needed. This makes it fast and lightweight, able to run on almost any platform.

    The software also has numerous advanced capabilities that significantly increase its security and utility, and such a reason could be a factor for Electrum to be granted the oldest and authentic Bitcoin wallet. 

    Encrypted wallet.

    The user’s wallet, including all private keys and information, is encrypted using a master password. A password protects it, and the user enters both when launching Electrum, and the future operation is performed under the same coding and credentials.

    Instant Client Side Validation.

    Electrum also uses a network of servers that index the blockchain and enable fast client-side validation of transactions you send or receive. This means no waiting for slower bitcoin nodes to download the entire blockchain before you can use your wallet.

    Cold Storage.

    Private keys can be created and stored on an offline computer or a USB drive (called ‘watching only’ wallets) for extra security. However, transactions sent to cold storage must be signed locally using the built-in hardware signing feature of the Trezor, Nano, or KeepKey hardware wallet and will be completely offline.

    Multisig Wallets.

    Electrum offers native support for multi-signature wallets using the ‘GreenAddress’ plugin. This enables users to create a 3-of-3 wallet with one key, one by GreenAddress (a server run by blockchain professionals) and one by the user’s friend. 

    This allows you alternative access to the wallet to act as an arbitrator who should encounter problems with GreenAddress or Electrum wallet owner itself and does not have direct authority.

    Deterministic Wallets.

    Electrum wallets are server-based, allowing multiple people to use the same wallet without any risk of inadvertently spending each other’s funds. There is no concept of a ‘master public key’ involved.

    Segregated Witness.

    Electrum is one of the first major wallets to have native support for SegWit, which helps reduce fees and enable smart contracts on the bitcoin network. In addition, more information can be collected through various leads and connections.

    Free software.

    The entire wallet code is complimentary for the user. It is built from the ground up in Python and is free and open-source that allows the user to surf around their digital wallet and get the maximum usage without any further or hidden charges involved. 

    3. Ledger Nano X

    Best for Offline Cold Crypto Wallet

    Ledger Nano X is a new generation hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies. It is an advanced version of its predecessor, Ledger Nano X, which has been one of the best-selling wallets in the market in the past. It is built upon the previous generation’s design and software capabilities. 

    Still, it does not support as many cryptos as it can store now in an upgraded version of the ledger wallet device.

    Ledger Nano X is a USB-sized hardware wallet with a small OLED display used for double-checking transactions set in a microchip which presents your security key(s) to use when accessing their account.

    The chip will authorize your PIN input and give you access to the screen so Safe from keylogger attacks and Malware. This makes it near to impossible for would-be hackers to steal your digital assets.

    You have full control over your cryptocurrencies, so you can always retrieve your funds by using the recovery phrase/seed key if you lose the device. Nano X also supports other wallets like Bitgo, Copay, Mycelium, etc.

    Ledger Nano X Wallet Pros

    Easy to use and simple design.

    It’s like a USB device with one button. The user interface (UI) has been designed by keeping simplicity in mind, allowing even new users to operate it smoothly without any hassle. 

    Cryptocurrency beginners can store their cryptos very easily using this wallet as it does not require technical knowledge. 

    High safety level.

    It offers good security to the users as your confidential data is stored in an encrypted chip which a PIN code can lock. It protects against any unauthorized access attempts and does not let other people know about your operational activities.


    Ledger Nano X can work with other software wallets like Cryptonator, MyCelium, Copay, Bitgo, GreenBits.So the user is not bound to certain wallets for their transactions and funds exchanges. All you need is an affiliation with suitable alternatives. 

    Free backup seed key feature.

    If a device gets damaged or lost, users can recover their cryptocurrencies using the recovery phrase/seed key. The wallet also supports additional security features, including two-factor authentication (2FA) to protect your account from hackers or other viruses.

    Easy cryptocurrency management.

    Multiple cryptos and multi-asset management is made easy with Ledger Nano X. You can store, send and receive digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. All you need is to plug the wallet into your computer’s USB port and follow the device’s small OLED screen instructions.

    Easy & Convenient access.

    Its large LCD touch screen lets users check their balance or initiate cryptocurrency transactions easily. With such an approach, Wallet owners could track their current or past transactional activities. 

    Stealth mode option for privacy protection.

    It allows hiding details about transaction history from other people who may use your computer by generating a one-time 24-word backup phrase (seed key). Users can save, restore or delete multiple accounts after entering their PIN code.

    Ease of buying cryptocurrencies.

    Users don’t have to worry about managing multiple wallet addresses for all of their cryptocurrencies, as they can send one cryptocurrency to another directly through the same hardware device.

    Ledger Nano X Wallet Cons:

    High price compared to other wallets.

    Ledger Nano X is quite heavy on pockets as it includes a massive amount of services to the wallet owner. The high price of such a wallet can fabricate your interest but could bring your values. 

    This device works just like its previous version but offers additional features, including much better security. It’s a hardware wallet that looks sleek and very durable in design to ensure no one can hack into it easily. Even though it has some cons compared to others in the market, nothing is perfect.

    4. Exodus

    Best for Desktop Crypto Wallet

    Exodus can be regarded as a multi-currency wallet for desktops. It has many features that allow its users to have full control over their funds and explore the blockchain space – all without leaving the comfort of their desktop application. The mobile Application version is also available for the users to have their hands on the Exodus wallet.

    Some of the most potential features that shower the Exodus wallet are defined below. With such potential counseling, you would convincingly opt for such a multi-currency crypto wallet. 

    Multi-Currency Support.

    As a wallet for a Desktop, Exodus can store many coins and tokens at once. Currently, they provide support to more than 25 coins and ERC-20 tokens. These include Bitcoin (BTC), Etherium (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Dash Litecoin(DASH). They plan to add support for many more coins that include Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Monero (XMR), NEO, EOS, Cardano (ADA).

    Company’s Own Coin Support.

    Exodus is also planning to create its own coin in the future. This will be used to facilitate trades between other cryptocurrencies inside the wallet, and the fees will be almost negligible. This may lead to an increase in popularity among new adopters who want to hop on board with this currency, which can then be used to invest in other coins as well.

    Customizable Appearance.

    Exodus has a very sleek design that is customizable with one click – allowing each user to select the color schemes that suit them best. It’s also compatible with themes that can be downloaded, allowing you to use it on your Linux operating system as well.

    Purchases through Coinpayments.

    Exodus allows users to purchase coins using fiat currency via their web-based wallet on coinpayments.net. This is possible via credit/debit cards, E-Wallets (Neteller, Skrill, etc.), and even PayPal.

    Backup WIFI Keys.

    With Exodus, you can back up your wallet with Wifi Keys to a file on your computer or a microSD card. If anything happens with one device, you can restore your wallet on another device with that same file.

    Multi-Asset Support.

    Exodus is a multi-asset desktop wallet, which means you can store many different types of cryptocurrencies in one place. It’s the first desktop wallet to have ShapeShift built into the interface in order to exchange crypto assets from within the wallet.

    Price Options

    Exodus gives users to option to choose between two different prices:

    a) Dynamic Price (in which you can choose your own price, and it will be averaged with the market rate). 

    b) Fixed Price (in which you set a fixed price at which you would like to make your purchase or sale).

    Exodus has a very sleek and cool UI (user interface), which is one of its best features. It’s simple to use and doesn’t require the user to be highly trained in computer languages like Linux, Mac Terminal, etc. You can send and receive cryptocurrencies using QR codes, touch ID support on mobile devices, and you can even export your wallet’s private keys.

    5. Trezor

    The Trezor Model T is the ultimate crypto wallet and will be your key to financial freedom with ultra-secure features. Store, encrypt, or unlock any bitcoin public key with ease! 

    This small device stores all of its users’ digital assets in one place safely, without having to worry about losing anything ever again. Such convenience allows the wallet owner to get a flow of financial independence. 

    Trezor Crypto Wallet is a hardware wallet for digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Altcoins. It is very popular in recent times and considered as the best among all the alternatives of other wallets like Exodus Wallet, Jaxx Wallet, etc. 

    It takes care of your security and privacy and stores your private keys on offline mode without any risks. Let us go through the features of the Trezor Wallet.

    Some of the most profound benefits for opting for Trezor Crypto wallet is defined as under :

    Convenient to use.

    Trezor is very easy to use as compared to any other Crypto wallet as it is not just as convenient but holds a great number of features that are instant and rapid. No such technical knowledge is required for using this wallet.

    Highly Secured and Safe.

    Trezor wallets are highly protective for digital cryptocurrencies as it is incorporated with advanced security against hacking and malware attacks, and mainly because it is an offline device that makes it safer from hackers and Malware.

    Multi-currency support.

    Trezor Wallet supports many popular cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, etc., along with all ERC20 tokens. It also has ShapeShift built into it to help you exchange altcoins on the go. You can send and receive coins via QR codes, use your public address (or create new ones), and even set custom fee levels for urgent transactions.

    Password manager:

    Trezor wallets store passwords and autofill forms/logins with one click. The private keys do not frequently leave your device. So you can safely enter all sensitive data with the peace of ignoring the multiple attempts of fraudsters or keyloggers. This category is further elaborated in various steps :

    A. PIN Protection

    PIN protection allows you to protect your wallet. If someone tries to open your wallet without knowing the PIN, then they will not be able to access it or use any of its contents. But they can lock your wallet by entering the wrong pin multiple times in a row, and the device will reset. 

    B. Recovery Phase 

    This will permit you to restore your wallet if anything happens to it, whether it is getting lost or destroyed. You can also create a passphrase that will allow you to access your wallet without having to enter a pin number every time. 

    C. 2- Step verification

    Protect your account for additional security to prevent unauthorized access; this will be notified through an email code. It also offers 2-factor authentication. This feature requires you to enter a six-digit pin every time when adding or removing your device from the computer.

    D. Password Protection

    This will allow you to add an additional layer of security by creating additional passwords for your device, such as ‘administrator’ and ‘guest.’ These passwords will allow you to access the device without having to enter a PIN number every time. Once you log out of the device, you need to enter the pin to get access.     

    Trezor wallets are very beneficial because of their high safety features. These features protect the coins from being stolen or hacked. They are used by many people because of their high security. Even if you lose your Trezor wallet or the device is destroyed, you can still restore your coins on another Trezor wallet.

    6. Binance

    Best Wallet for Trading

    Binance is a leading cryptocurrency exchange that allows its users to trade more than 450 cryptocurrencies across the globe. With an easy-to-use Application Programming Interface, you can integrate your trading application with Binance quickly and easily. 

    With such an approach, Binance crypto wallets allow various outcomes for the feasibility of the customers to make their cryptocurrency trading convenient and productive. With such an approach following are some of the most potent ways to utilize Binance Crypto wallets for trading. 

    Binance offers more than 450 cryptocurrencies to trade.

    Binance wallets provide a convenient platform for trading with competitive fees; Binance offers its clients more than 450 cryptocurrencies to trade. These are some of the most popular on the market at the moment, such as EOS, Ripple, or Stellar.

    Transparency and security of assets.

    Since Binance was created, many precautions have been taken to guarantee the security of users’ assets. The blockchain system uses two-factor authentication with SMS and Google Authentication (2FA), as well as a secure system for withdrawals and API keys.

    Unlimited withdrawal of cryptocurrencies.

    Binance has no restrictions on withdrawals for its crypto clients. For example, users can withdraw up to 2 BTC per day, but not much to the extent that it could crash your trading accounts if you hold a greater margin of Cryptocurrencies than withdraw cryptos under a certain percentage. 

    Low trading fees.

    Binance does not charge any transaction commissions for deposits or withdrawals of cryptocurrencies. Trading fees vary depending on the asset being traded: For example, if you trade Bitcoin, the fee is 0.1%, that if you trade Ethereum, it will be 0.2%.

    Margin Trading on Binance.

    Binance opened its margin trading platform. To be able to use it, you only need to enable the feature in the user profile section and then activate it for each cryptocurrency. However, unlike other platforms, Binance does not allow fiat currencies as collateral.

    Binance Labs Incubation Program (Binance Lab).

    The main objective of ​​the Binance Labs division is to provide assistance and advice to blockchain projects in their development stages: as well as support for entrepreneurs. The Lab team also works with Binance to develop financial support for blockchain entrepreneurs, invest in their projects, and apply the experience of the company’s management team.

    Trading on your smartphone.

    The Binance platform for Android wallet and iPhone crypto wallet, allows users to trade cryptocurrencies directly from their mobile devices. 

    The application has a good interface, as well as pretty decent support for various languages such as English, Chinese or Korean. Although it does not offer all the features, you can find it on the web version, and this tool is very effective and easy to use.

    7. Metamask

    Best for Ethereum Wallet

    Metamask is a browser extension that facilitates the use of Ethereum decentralized apps. It has an integrated wallet that allows users to send and receive Ethereum tokens. The Google Chrome Web Store is the primary web browser that hosts this plugin.

    Meta mask is particularly known for its security and privacy. Meta mask plugin also allows you to verify digital signatures for ethereum based transactions. Meta mask provides a great way to manage your account on the Ethereum network, from login into websites anonymously.

    Metamask also supports various Web browsers to facilitate Ethereum crypto wallets, giving leniency to the user to opt for the browser that best suits them (Opera, Firefox and Safari, etc.)are some of the common browsers to operate metamasks. 

    Here are some of the seven benefits you can get from meta masks that other ethereum browsers do not offer or provide.

    Autonomous web browser to access Ethereum websites.

    Metamask provides a user interface for all Ethereum related activities online; you don’t have to expose your account, personal information to any website to get yourself enrolled as a user. You can protect your account while accessing websites that use the meta mask plugin anonymously.

    Improve the user experience of blockchain transactions.

    With the metamask plugin, you can sign ethereum based transactions without exposing your private keys. This is a major advantage over other browser plugins that offer similar services. Metamask transaction plugins work on any trusted ethereum website, and it increases the user experience.

    Secure way to login into websites like Google, Twitter, and other networks using your Ethereum account.

    Metamask allows you to use the meta mask plugin on all major social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. This will allow you to securely use your Ethereum account on these sites and also be able to login into other private websites that use the meta mask plugin.

    Use metamask to access apps without exposing your personal information.

    Metamask allows you to communicate or use decentralized applications(dapps) such as IDEX and many more. All you have to do is enter the website address, then choose a username and password to login into your meta mask account. Once inside, you can send and receive tokens from different dapps without exposing your personal information.

    Using meta mask browser to access different ethereum games.

    Metamask allows you to play different ethereum based games anonymously on their network like Crypto Kitties. This means that you can access different games without exposing your private key or personal info.

    Secure way to handle transactions for all ethereum based websites.

    You can use the metamask plugin to sign any ethereum transaction or smart process contracts seamlessly. This is a major advantage over other plugins that gives you this service as it provides privacy and security when signing transactions.

    8. Mycelium

    Best Bitcoin Wallet for Mobile

    The Mycelium crypto wallet is an open-source, decentralized wallet that chains in with the main blockchain. It was one of the first mobile wallets available for Android, and it uses hardware AES protection to make sure your currencies are safe.

    Ability to backup private keys on paper manually.

    Although such a step is regarded to be risky, Mycelium enables you to store your private keys offline. In case your device crashes or is lost, backup can be retrieved for all funds from any other devices registered under the same account by entering the pin sent at the time of installation. 

    Ability to back up private keys by sending them to an email.

    This is an alternative way of storing your private key; Your keys are protected by a password that only you know. If the password is lost, all funds are irrevocably removed from the account. All sensitive data is encrypted using the AES encryption algorithm.

    Local trading on Mycelium market.

    There is a built-in marketplace that provides you with an opportunity to buy and sell bitcoin. You can choose from several payment methods: cash, credit card, bank transfer, or another convenient way. Funds are deposited in your account immediately after the trade is completed.

    Integration with Glidera.

    Mycelium supports integration with the US-based Glidera service, which enables you to buy bitcoins using your bank account.

    9. Daedalus

    Best Crypto Wallet for Cardano

    Daedalus is the first cryptocurrency wallet that was designed for ADA. It’s an open-source desktop application (for Windows, Linux, and OS X). Daedalus permits you to manage your Cardano (ADA) tokens on both the mainnet and testnets.

    Daedalus is an open-source desktop application that encrypts private keys with a password of the user’s choice. Users can make as many wallets as they want, each with its own unique password and recovery phrase.

    Daedalus is designed for use with ADA, Cardano’s cryptocurrency. According to IOHK – the company that built Daedalus – transactions sent from a Daedalus wallet are always recorded on the blockchain while keeping user information private.


    All private keys are stored locally and protected by a password that you create upon the first startup. by default, and all your transaction information is fully anonymized. Either anonymous or backed up with a password. 

    Simplicity and ease of use.

    Daedalus utilizes hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallets, which allow you to generate a phrase that serves as your wallet backup—with the included “Sweep private keys” feature, sending ADA from your paper wallet. Such a facility is easy to use. 

    Friendly Customization.

    With Daedalus, you can securely and efficiently send and receive Ada through the Google Chrome app. With a few clicks, you’ll be able to see your new transactions in the Daedalus interface.

    Multi-platform capability.

    Daedalus is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux environments. It currently supports the Cardano blockchain but might support the Rust blockchain in the future. That will be beneficial for the users who are stuck to the old system wallets and wish for an upgrade. 

    Crypto Wallets: Table Comparison

    Wallet Type of Wallet Purchase Cost Exchange Cost 
    CoinBaseMobile Free 2.49% – 3.99%
    Electrum OnlineFree0.1-0.2 mBTC
    Ledger Nano X Hardware $119 Not specified 
    Exodus Online Free4%
    Trezor Hardware$190 -$200 Based on transaction
    Binance Online $103.5%
    Metamask Software Free0.875% 
    Mycelium Mobile Free$0.25-$7 /transaction 
    Daedalus Desktop Free0.68%

    Advantages of Digital Crypto Wallets

    Well maintained record of transactions

    Crypto wallets have a unique, encrypted address known as a public key or private key associated with it. This works as an identifier for the “real”/traditional bank account because all cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology which requires transactions to be added to the public ledger; any funds transferred are recorded as belonging to that address.

    Safety and Security 

    The most important fact to consider about the wallets is that they are extremely secure- not just in terms of digital information but also physically. 

    This is because the only way to access the wallets is through pin codes or passwords, which you generate when you install it for the first time. Another security layer is that the wallet apps are all encrypted, restricting any third person’s access. 

    Several Options to look for a suitable medium 

    At present, there are several types of cryptocurrency wallets available in the market- online, offline, hardware, Desktop, etc., each having its pros and cons. The owner should opt for the one that best suits their feasibility and convenience with the factors of safety and accessibility. 

    Furthermore, it demands credential input for every transaction, so the chances of slipping the money are low. 

    A medium of Earning Incomes 

    A wallet is an essential tool for investors and traders in the cryptocurrency market, though it depends on how you use your crypto wallets. If the crypto wallet holds the tokens of a blockchain in circulation, you can use it as a source of earning income by trading that particular token. 

    This is possible through online exchanges or any other portal that facilitates such transactions.

    Divide your investments into several Crypto wallets 

    If this investment in a cryptocurrency is risky enough to result in its devaluation, then it would be advisable not to keep all your money in one place. In such cases, it’s better to spread your risk over several wallets so when one fails, you lose only some portion of your total worth- rather than losing everything at once.

    How Should I Choose a Bitcoin Wallet?

    There are several factors one should consider while choosing a suitable Bitcoin wallet for their needs. Some of the most primary factors one should consider are briefly discussed as under. 

    Ease of Use

    A bitcoin wallet is something only an average person uses to store and spend bitcoins. However, popularity ensures that it has been tried by many and not just a few people. Therefore, it must be very easy to use and should not take much time to master.

    Security Level

    Bitcoin protection should always be the primary focus to consider when looking for a suitable wallet. A wallet should have an ultra-security level so that no hacker can steal bitcoins through the system. It must also be highly reliable in terms of backup and restore options. 

    Private Keys Control

    The private keys are an integral part of the whole bitcoin system. So, each user has exclusive access to them, and a Bitcoin wallet should have an appropriate security level for this. The more privacy key control it incorporates, the better accountability for Bitcoin wallets increase.

    Compliance with Existing Standards

    The bitcoin system follows some standards for cryptography, networking protocols, etc., ensuring that all bitcoin wallets can talk to each other when required. A wallet must follow these standards to ensure compatibility with others.

    Open Source or Closed Source

    An open-source wallet gives its users access to the whole bitcoin system. The code is made public and can be seen, modified, or enhanced by anyone. But not everyone trusts it. Some people might change the code to steal bitcoins from other users secretly.

     If there’s an error in the code, it will also affect the whole system. This is problematic for an average user who might not be able to fix it. So, a closed source wallet offers many advantages over open-source ones. The code is never made public, and the users only see the part they need to use.

    Other Factors

    There are other factors, such as the cost involved in using the wallet, features, etc., which are highly dependent on individual needs. Therefore, it varies according to the needs of the customer and the type of wallet they find best as per their need. The types of wallets are briefly discussed below. 

    Considering such factors, one should choose the bitcoin wallet as per the above-mentioned primary criteria. With such an approach, they won’t just make the best choice for the wallet but could run their financial operation more smoothly. 

    What are some important types of Crypto Wallets?

    There exist five kinds of Crypto wallets; hardware, paper, desktop, mobile, and web. All these types have their pros and cons, which makes it important for a user to know what kind is the best fit for them to protect their assets in a better way. 

    The Hardware Wallet

    There are only 3 kinds of hardware wallets; USB, external hard drive, and offline hardware wallets. The hardware wallet is the most secure type because it protects you completely offline. 

    This means no one can ever hack it if they don’t have access to your physical wallet. 

    Hardware wallets are small USB-like devices which store your private keys (where all your cryptocurrencies are stored) in an encrypted format. 

    The Web Wallet

    Last but not least, web wallets are also known as “hot wallets” because they are always connected to the internet for quick access. These types of wallets give you easy access while still maintaining anonymity and high security. However, some websites might ask you to sign up with your private details, which completely negates our previous talks about anonymity, so choose wisely. 

    The Paper Wallet

    The paper wallet is the most convenient way of storing your cryptocurrency because it exists in physical forms like cash or other vouchers. In addition, you can store multiple currencies on one single piece of paper by writing down their public keys and total balance. 

    Note that you can only access your cryptocurrencies with their private keys. You can easily generate a paper wallet for free on some websites, but be careful so that you are not being scammed elsewhere. Also, remember to keep somewhere really safe and concealed where only you can access it in case of emergencies.

    The Desktop Wallet

    Desktop wallets are installed on your computer fully in control by you, therefore protecting all your data related to cryptocurrencies. Wallets like Exodus, Jaxx, and Copay are very secure and allow you to store multiple currencies at once. 

    These wallets can be accessed from any internet-enabled computer while still maintaining anonymity and security. The downside of desktop wallets is that they might be a target for hackers because you carry them around with you on your laptop or system, therefore putting all your currencies at risk.

    The Mobile Wallet

    Mobile wallets are the easiest to use out of all kinds of wallets. Some of the most popular ones are MyCelium and Breadwallet, which are available for Android and iOS. These wallets can be used to store cryptocurrencies at almost zero fees compared to other wallet types because you carry these around with you everywhere on your mobile phone. 


    There are many reasons for people to opt for bitcoin wallet. Here are some of the benefits that one would get when they decide to go with this option.

    First, will be able to save money whenever they use bitcoins because you don’t have to pay so much for fees, which usually happens in transactions made through banks.

    Another reason is that it’s easier to send money around the world using bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. Since it works peer-to-peer, one doesn’t have to go through so much red tape in sending or receiving funds from different parts of the globe.

    By opting for a bitcoin crypto wallet, an individual can also access their coins online anytime they want to. This is thanks to your money being saved in a digital wallet that you can always access through your computer or mobile phone.

    You can also save more as many wallets offer free bonuses just for opening one up with them.

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