5 Best Litecoin Wallets (LTC) in 2022


Crypto wallets are used to store cryptocurrency all around the world. These wallets could either be in the form of software or hardware devices. In addition, these wallets can also be in the form of both online and offline web-based apps.

Users have a variety of wallets to choose from, each having a different level of protection. Wallets can be made, purchased, or downloaded. Cryptocurrency wallets provide customers with excellent protection while also allowing them to buy and sell Litecoins. Litecoin’s creators have also created a wallet that is only for Litecoins.

However, before purchasing a wallet for yourself to store our Litecoins, we would suggest you study the other customer’s reviews available online. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the top Litecoin wallets for your ease based on all of these considerations and user feedback. Continue reading this article to learn about them. But before we begin with it, let’s see what a Litecoin wallet is.

What is a Litecoin wallet?

A Litecoin wallet, you can say, is a service, software, or device that stores your private and public keys and connects to the blockchain. Note that your Litecoin bank account number would be visible as the public key of your wallet. It will also serve as your “wallet address.” While on the other hand, the password will be the private key of your wallet, which can also be used to transfer Litecoin from one wallet to the other. 

While buying a Litecoin wallet, these are the requirements that you must look out for, as we believe that a secure crypto wallet should meet the following requirements:

  • You should be able to manage your private keys.
  • It should work with a variety of operating devices and systems.
  • It must be simple to use and navigate.
  • A restore and backup feature should be available.
  • There should be a vibrant development community.

The Top 5 Best Litecoin Wallets in 2022

So, without delaying it any further, let’s dig into the list that we have jotted down of different types of Litecoin wallets: software, desktop hardware, and software.

1) Trezor


The Trezor wallet is the first hardware wallet widely available. SatoshiLabs, a Czech startup business, developed it in the year 2012 but was later released in 2014 for public use. 

Trezor has grown in popularity as the first hardware wallet among crypto users and is regarded as one among the best hardware wallets available in the market. As it never fails to provide smooth and safe crypto transactions. Let’s take a closer look at this intriguing hardware wallet.

Advantages of Trezor

For solid reasons, the Trezor serves to be one of the greatest hardware wallets available to date. Moreover, it is a smart device with a number of features that set it apart from its competitors. You can find a list of them below.

  • Multi-Currency Support

Trezor is the only hardware wallet that can hold more cryptocurrency than any other. It currently provides over 500 cryptos, with more being added on a regular basis.

  • Display

The Trezor includes a monochromatic display with just two keys for navigation.

  • Beginner Friendly

The Trezor is a very basic and straightforward device to use. Even a person new to this crypto world can easily make use of it as It comes with a step-by-step manual and a plethora of online instructions to teach you the way.

  • Highly Secure

The Trezor is opened by entering a PIN code or a passcode that you set when creating an account. Moreover, You’ll also go through a gadget process of recovery when you establish your Trezor to backup your account. The Trezor wallet employs cutting-edge security procedures to ensure that it is never compromised.

  • Password Manager

Users can access the password management app very easily by downloading it. They can organize and securely save all of their critical passwords with it.

  • U2F Authentication

The Trezor can be utilized for numerous online services as it provides the safest type of two-factor verification security.

  • Premium Support

The Trezor customer support is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to answer your queries and give useful lessons, articles, and videos.


  • It is prohibitively pricey for certain customers.
  • Wallets on the web and in software are easier to use.
  • A long 24-word phrase serves as a backup seed phrase.

2) Ledger Nano S


Ledger is a firm based wallet founded in France in the year 2014. It was formed by eight entrepreneurs, cryptocurrency experts, and internet security experts. The company currently employs over 80 people in both San Francisco and Paris.

The USB interface of the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet enables you to connect it to your PC. All cryptocurrency transactions are performed in a safe environment, enabling you to conduct cryptocurrency transactions even on a hacked PC.

Advantages of Ledger Nano s

The Ledger Nano S includes a number of unique characteristics, which are as follows:

  • Multi-Currency Support

You could use Ledger Nano to store multiple cryptocurrencies in the very same wallet, which includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Gold, Ripple, Vertcoin, and much more.

  • Display Panel

It has an integrated display panel that allows you to examine and validate your transactions.

  • Secured

Its advanced security mechanisms assure you that your wallet will never get compromised.

  • Multi-Apps Support

The Ledger Nano S also works with a number of third-party apps. In addition, it also supports crypto wallets and other crypto utilities like FIDO® U2F, SSH, and GPG.

  • Ease of Backup

It keeps your ledger updated as it simultaneously does the backup.


  • Long 24 words seed phrase
  • Ledger Nano S lacks passphrase support

3) Exodus


The Exodus is a richly functional cryptocurrency wallet with a stunning appearance. Since its introduction in July 2016, the wallet has garnered a lot of buzz and enthusiasm and has become one of the most popular cryptocurrency software wallets. Due to a multitude of reasons, among which the most important is that it is jam-packed with creativity and advanced features. We have listed Exodus’ most notable features below.

Advantages of Exodus

  • Multi Asset Wallet

Exodus is a wallet that can be used for a lot more than simply Bitcoin. All main cryptocurrencies are supported, as well as a wide range of altcoins, along with all ERC20 tokens and so much more. Hence, it’s open to everyone.

  • User friendly interface

This wallet’s UI as a whole is one of the most attractive. It is incredibly intuitive and simple to use with a visual depiction of your cryptocurrencies through a pie chart. Within the account, users can more easily handle their portfolios and keep a record of their crypto assets and their valuations. In addition, all of the accessible options are clearly displayed in a menu that runs the length of the screen to the left. Hence, the wallet is really simple to use and comprehend.

  • Built-In Exchange

Exodus wallet has a built-in crypto exchange. This allows traders to exchange their cryptocurrencies directly within the wallet. In addition, shapeShift API integration allows for in-wallet cryptocurrency exchange.

  • Fast & Convenient

Exodus is a lite wallet. This implies that it doesn’t require the user to install the complete blockchain to their desktop in order to make use of it. As a result, it won’t be wrong if we say that the wallet is extremely quick, responsive, and handy.

  • Secure

All blockchain resources are password-protected and completely encrypted. Users also have complete control on their private keys, which are kept on their computers and yet never disclosed with Exodus’ servers.


  • The platform is available at all times and is always connected to the internet. When compared to offline storage solutions, this makes it very easy for hackers to acquire access to your funds.
  • Viruses should be avoided at all costs, and anti-virus software should be installed.
  • Unlike other wallet systems, you cannot manually change your transfer fee. As a result, transaction fees will be higher.
  • It’s only accessible if you’re using the device where the wallet is installed.

4) Jaxx


Decentral, Canada’s foremost blockchain business, is behind Jaxx. Anthony Diiorio, the co-creator of Ethereum, is also the founder of Jaxx. In the bitcoin world, the Jaxx wallet is regarded as one of the most versatile crypto wallets available, and it is always evolving to give its customers the most up-to-date features. Below we have discussed Jaxx’s most significant characteristics.

Advantages of Jaxx

  • Control and Ownership

Users of Jaxx have complete control and ownership over their private keys. These keys are created on your local device utilizing a specific entropy technique that generates a random and unique private key for your cryptocurrencies. Moreover, these keys are never transferred to any servers or shared with anyone because their private keys are saved on their individual blockchains and are only accessible and controllable by using a 12-word “Master seed,” which only the user knows and has access to.

  • User Friendly Interface

Jaxx offers a user interface that is both intuitive and easy. Even for individuals who are new to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, the wallet performs a fantastic job of delivering an easy-to-understand wallet service. According to them, this is one of the major pillars of the Jaxx wallet. They attempt to provide wallet services that are simple to use for beginners while also being advanced enough for expert users. Keeping a balance while also maintaining their authenticity.

  • Open Source

Anyone can examine the Jaxx wallet code, which is published on the Jaxx website. This adds a layer of transparency and assurance that the wallet is safe.

  • ⦁ Multi Platform Support

With compatibility for eight different platforms, Jaxx proves to be one of the most adaptable cryptocurrency wallets available in the market.

  • ⦁ Shapeshift Integration

The ability to swap cryptocurrencies directly within the wallet is one of Jaxx’s most outstanding features, which the majority of other crypto wallets lack. This integration makes it simple to diversify and manage your cryptocurrency holdings.


  • Hardware wallets are more secure.
  • Some critical security features are missing
  • There is currently no hardware wallet integration.

5) KeepKey


KeepKey is a hardware wallet that handles and keeps your private key generation, storage, and outgoing transaction facilitation. It operates with the software on your computer while maintaining the responsibility of keeping your private keys and bitcoin safe on your KeepKey device. Let’s discover more about this hardware wallet by reading the features listed below:

Advantages of KeepKey

KeepKey is a powerful hardware wallet with a variety of advanced capabilities. Take a look at them below.

  • Multi-Currency Support

KeepKey users have the option of storing more than simply Bitcoin on their device. The wallet supports many popular cryptocurrencies as well as ERC20 tokens.

  • ShapeShift Integration

KeepKey was invented by the same person who founded ShapeShift, a cryptocurrency exchange platform. When he launched KeepKey, he integrated ShapeShift directly into the device. This enables the users to exchange their valuable assets through ShapeShift within the KeepKey wallet.

  • Partnerships

Other prominent wallet services, such as Mycelium and Electrum, fully support KeepKey. KeepKey customers can access these services by just logging in to their wallets utilizing the security of the KeepKey hardware wallet.

  • OS Compatibility

KeepKey is compatible with a wide range of operating systems, such as Mac, PC, Linux, as well as Android.

  • Display

The KeepKey device boasts one of the largest displays in the crypto market. Moreover, it is elegantly designed and far easier to read and navigate as compared to most of the competition.

  • User Friendly

The hardware wallet is simple to use and is huge; thus, it proves to be more user-friendly than similar hardware wallets. The wallet UI is also very clean and simple to use when connected to a computer. For newbies, the KeepKey wallet is an excellent solution.


  • For certain users, it may be prohibitively pricey.
  • Software and online wallets are more convenient.


In the crypto realm, Litecoin is over eight years old. However, after Charlie Lee’s return as a full developer, as well as the activation of SegWit, Litecoin has seen a significant price increase.

Many users will undoubtedly be looking for more LTC wallet options, but as the technology advances, more options will become accessible for each type of user. Till then, the above discussion will help you decide on which you can invest.

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