Celsius Staking Calculator

Earning rewards by staking Celsius is available.
Up to 5%
Celsius (CEL) price: $0.36 -5.38%

Celsius Staking Rewards Calculator

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12 months

Total Reward Earned:
500 CEL

How does it work: If you stake 10000 Celsius for 12 months with an APY staking reward of 5%, you can generate a passive income of 500 CEL or $180.22 with the current CEL/USD rate.

The information provided is only for informational purposes. We suggest you to get a deeper look and study cryptocurrencies carefully and the full terms/conditions of the selected staking platform for Celsius. We highly advise you to consult with crypto expert before investing large amounts of Celsius or other cryptocurrency coins.

Keep in mind that the calculator shows only an estimated value of the staking rewards. You should check the staking platforms website for more appropriate information.

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Up to 5% APY

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